East Coast Pictures tells the story of Lost Ships of World War One

East Coast Pictures tells the story of Lost Ships of World War One


East Coast Pictures are in production of a landmark series, telling the story of Grimsby's Lost Ships of World War One. The new series has been commissioned for online and TV thanks to the team behind Grimsby's Lost Ships supported by Heritage Lottery.  

ECP's Award Winning Producer, Jane Cullen will lead the ECP team, bringing together research, archive material and original footage.  Jane, who won a Royal Television Society Award (RTS Award) for ITV Documentary, says,
" This is a u
nique story of the trawlers and crews of Grimsby.  Tales of bravery and tragedy surround each of the dive sites and the new series will mean these stories are brought to life on screen.'

The filming will follow the team behind Grimsby's Lost Ships of WW1 who are diving to investigate Grimsby's fishing fleet, some were keeping the nation fed, while others were minesweeping, all faced the dangers of mines and U-Boats.

Around 300 sites are being dived and recorded, due to their location beneath the waves and inhospitable diving conditions, only a very small number of people have visited them.  The project will engage diving volunteers and help to train new divers.

Kevin Smith, Director of Grimsby's Lost Ships of WW1 says,
"We want to educate people about their heritage, in particular the role of their ancestors in the First World War and about the Grimsby fishing fleet.  Many people in Grimsby will have had ancestors on these boats and it would be great if we could help local people to make a personal connection with these boats."

Julia Thompson, Executive Producer of the new series says,
" We are thrilled to be invited to tell this special story. Its an important and tragic period in Grimsby's Fishing Heritage and working with partners such as Grimsby's Fishing Heritage Centre and members of today's fishing industry means the town's role, and the men that served on the trawlers at that time, and the families who they left behind, will be recognised and never forgotten.

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