East Coast Pictures features in the LCIssue Blog

East Coast Pictures features in the LCIssue Blog


East Coast Pictures was delighted to be joined by freelance journalist and blogger, Lindsay Cowie, find out how she found the ECP Studio experience .....

Filming with East Coast Pictures

This is a very exciting time for local media, particularly those in the television industry. In 2012, Ofcom awarded a small selection of television centres across the UK licences to operate digital television services, and Grimsby was named one of the first.

This means that, in November 2013, the existing channel Seven, which is the UK's longest running local television stations, will become Lincolnshire Living - a channel to be broadcast from the North Bank of the River Humber right down to the south of Lincolnshire on Freeview channel eight.

One of the major players in Grimsby's successful bid was East Coast Pictures, a television and video production company that produces videos for businesses as well as television programmming.

A lot of my work experience was done with ECP - I worked on a fashion programme and a news-based debate show from 2008 to 2010), and on Thursday, I went back to see what they are filming now.

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