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Our Shows

  • Whats On with DiscoverNEL

    What's On

  • Local Kitchen with Rachel Green

    The Lincs Kitchen with Rachel Green

  • Write On wtih Julie Peasgood

    Write On with Julie Peasgood

  • Eye on Crime

    Eye on Crime with Blair Jacobs

  • Peoples Jury

    People's Jury with Andy Crane

  • Question of Business

    A Question of Business

  • K9 Cafe

    K9 Cafe

  • Shape Up

    Shape Up !

  • Sports Challenge

    Sports Challenge

  • Style Star

    Style Star

  • The Tickers

    The Tinkers, it's Rubbish!

  • For Museums & Exibitions

    For Museums & Exhibitions

    Brands & Companies

    If you’re looking for a way to promote your company values, a series of videos can help engage customers and clients in a way no other media can.

    Episodes can play on your own website and be shared by social media with clients.

     ECP follows OFCOM regulations around advertising and sponsorship.

    ECP can create a bespoke mini-series to showcase your brand values, products and services.
    Your brand can appear as a programme sponsor, in a a sponsorship bumper at the beginning and end of each part or video.
    Your brand can appear within a programme, as a location, an expert interviewee or product placement.

    Contact us to find out how video with a TV twist can work for you...

      Channels & Programme Makers

      ECP Programmes are available for broadcast Online and TV in a variety of ways …

      Some of our series are available off the shelf, ready to broadcast.
      FORMAT (only)  
      Use our format to produce your own episodes, with ECP support and following our standards of production.
      ECP can produce bespoke episodes in your own region, wherever you are in the UK.

      To find out about our rates for Acquisition, Format or New Production, please get in touch.

        Academies, Schools & Universites

        For Junior teams, our programmes deliver real life production experience.  Available with Production Handbook, guide schedules and scripts, along with outline of production team roles and duties, ECP productions fit alongside modules for many Media & TV Production curriculum activities, suitable for GCSE, A Level, BTEC or Degree Level.

        To find out about our rates for Schools, Academy, College or University in the UK, please get in touch.